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Entrex News


*  Entrex speaking at "IBM Launch of Domino 10 - Costa Mesa, CA"

*  Entrex speaking at 2nd Annual Blockchain Congress - Chicago

*  Entrex speaking at Tiburon CEO Summit - San Francisco

*  Entrex speaking a FA's "Inside Alternatives" Conference

*  Entrex testifies for Senate Finance Committee.  (link)

*  Entrex speaks at Milken Conference (link)

*  Entrex CEO interviewed on FOX News (link)

*  Entrex speaks at FSX conference (link)

*  Entrex speaks at NIBA conference (link)


*  09-2018 Entrex announced as finalist in "$1 Million Global Challenge"

*  08-2018 IBM Nominates Entrex's Blockchain for SuperNova "Disruptive Technology Award"

*  08-2018 Entrex launches Opportunity Zone Android Locator App

*  08-2018 Entrex mentioned in "Bitcoin Gains can be Tax Free" Article

*  07-2018 Entrex initiates State Opportunity Zones

*  07-2018 Entrex initiates: IBM - FIX - Blockchain for exchanges

*  07-2018 Entrex launches Demo Trading Portal for interested parties.

*  06-2018 Entrex launches Alternative Mobile Trading App

*  06-2018 Entrex launches Overseas "Reg S" Coin Platform

*  06-2018 Entrex launches first Opportunity Zone Platform.

*  05-2018 Entrex launches first Reg A Trading Platform.

*  04-2018 Entrex's launches Inter-Bank Municipal Loan Platform.

*  12-2017 Entrex executes 200+ trades for Corporate Issuers in 2017

*  01-2017 Entrex launches first Corporate Trading Platform.



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