Entrex News


*  Entrex testifies for Senate Finance Committee.  (link)

*  Entrex asked to speak at Milken Conference (link)

*  Entrex CEO interviewed on FOX News (link)

*  Entrex speaks at FSX conference (link)

*  Entrex speaks at NIBA conference (link)


*  06-2018 Entrex launches Overseas "Reg S" Coin Platform

*  06-2018 Entrex launches first Opportunity Fund Platform.

*  05-2018 Entrex launches first Reg A Trading Platform.

*  04-2018 Entrex's launches Inter-Bank Municipal Loan Platform.

*  12-2017 Entrex executes over 200 trades for Corporate Issuers in 2017

*  01-2017 Entrex launches first Corporate Trading Platform.