Thomas Hatfield

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Hatfield brings over 40 years of expertise creating optimal systems for handling the custom information of a wide variety of organizations. He spent 10 years of computer programming of database applications, during the earliest years of personal computers -- with deep experience in communications and information systems -- including the US Army, US Air Force, General Electric Space Systems, Vanguard Research Inc, and the Quad Cities Times newspaper.

He has also worked for the US Air Force creating automated navigational planning for heavy aircraft flying complex training missions and has been working over 20 years as an independent consultant for custom software solutions for a spectrum of small and large organizations, mostly in Silicon Valley -- rapidly creating high-quality, mission-critical automation for custom data workflow.

Mr. Hatfield has over 20 years as a highly-skilled, successful expert using the superb "IBM stack" to best meet clients' complex needs for custom handling of data including clients: Agile Software (Cimmetry Systems), PeopleSoft, Flextronics, FDBL, Century Theatres, NEC Electronics, The Dialog Corporation, Exis Inc, InfoImage Inc, The Automation Center, KyCon, Infinity Financials, Cadence Design Systems, Advanced Microdevices, DataTools Inc, First Data Resources, EXXE Data Systems Inc (and others).


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